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Surf’s Up: Ride the Virtual Wave to Immersive Learning

HIGHER EDTECH | By Julie Smith Virtual learning offers broader experiences and more interaction for students and faculty. From guest lectures to distance learning and everything in between, virtual learning is ushering in a new wave of possibilities in education.  … Continue reading

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COOL TOOL: Blackboard Mobile Learn on Android

CAN YOU IMAGINE not having a cell phone? A little while back, I dropped mine a few too many times and on about the 33rd drop, it didn’t seem to work anymore. I was forced to get a new one. I … Continue reading

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TRENDS: The Learning Society, FETC Virtual

HERE’S A COOL VIDEO (with a soothing soundtrack and easy-to-follow messages) that I saw while visiting the Cisco booth at FETC Virtual Conference and Expo 2010 online today. This was my first virtual conference and I thought it was pretty … Continue reading

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Why Wait for Superman?

CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis Click here for PDF version It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s—well, actually—why wait? Simply grab your cell and give him a call right now. The latest documentary to hit the theaters, “Waiting for Superman,” … Continue reading

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