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Social Media is the New Study Hall

HIGHER EDTECH | By Julie Smith Year-over-year, social media continues to expand on our nation’s campuses as an educational tool.  Now more than ever, students and faculty are using Facebook, online chat, blogs and other social networking sites to connect … Continue reading

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Aspiring Progressive Principal and Teacher

TALK OF TOMORROW | by Ted Fujimoto There are specific things you can resolve to do—starting now—that will begin to make a huge difference in changing the education experience of kids in your community. These are definitely not end-all solutions, … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from edtech digest

Just a brief note to wish you happy holidays. Hope you’ve had a happy and productive year thus far, and may you have an even happier and more productive year to come. Drop me a line to say hello, offer … Continue reading

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Interview | Enter the Group with Sal Pellettieri

Sal Pelletieri had some bad experiences with group projects both in business school and then later in life as a professor. After asking around a bit, he soon discovered that this negative feeling toward group work was pretty widely held. … Continue reading

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Interview | Peter Frankl Discusses an Absolute Breakthrough for Education

In the past, kids went to school. These days, school goes to kids. Peter Frankl understands this well. Peter is the Vice President, Lifecycle Management for Absolute Software, a company specializing in software and services to manage and secure computers,  … Continue reading

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Interview | Jarrod Drysdale’s Knack for Teachers

Jarrod Drysdale begs to differ with those who might possibly even consider snubbing a teacher. “Teachers sacrifice a lot. They work hard and they are committed to helping children. I’ve seen this first hand my entire life. They don’t deserve the … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: Skype in the Classroom

A free directory connecting teachers and helping them to use Skype, this tool—while still under continuing development—is already launched. Teachers can find other teachers doing amazing things all around the world. If you’ve never used Skype, it’s an easy, free … Continue reading

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Interview | Nilanjan Sen Invites You to Visit Examville

The online education market is highly fragmented, says Nilanjan Sen, Founder and CEO of Examville, an online platform for classes, tutoring, test-prep materials and e-books. The Examville platform offers a unified place where students, teachers and parents access vital academic … Continue reading

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Interview | Taking a Close Look at Smarthistory

Dissatisfied with large, expensive and not particularly engaging art history textbooks, back in 2005, Beth Harris and Steven Zucker looked to the web—only to find further woefully uncreative art history resources. Having already developed quite a bit of content for … Continue reading

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A Vision of Students Today

Michael Wesch and the students of “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” class at Kansas State University have racked up more than 4 million views with this less-than-five-minute video. Nearly four years later, many have already graduated. Would be interesting to follow … Continue reading

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Interview | Doing the Math with Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram is the younger Wolfram of Wolfram Research, a leading software company and powerhouse in scientific and technical innovation. Wolfram Research does Wolfram|Alpha, Demonstrations and the core, underlying technology—Mathematica. After his brother Stephen established a U.S. base, Conrad founded the … Continue reading

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neXtup: Education Market Worth a Look

Here’s a very interesting piece of information from neXtup, worth a good look:

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INTERVIEW | How Mike Power Optimizes Schools

It’s funny sometimes how an idea is born: a client opens up about his struggles with emailing a large PowerPoint presentation to a colleague in another office. The client wonders if anything can be done to reduce the size of … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Blended Learning Makes Sense

SMARTER SCHOOLS | by Michael Spencer Education no longer comes in rows and textbooks, but from a combination of sources. Let’s start with a definition. What exactly is blended learning? Here’s a great, generally useful definition found on the City … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: Smarthistory

This is one of the coolest art history sites I’ve ever seen. Brings trips to the MET, MOMA and other acronyms for cool places with lots of expensive art and history very much ALIVE! Love it! It’s actually a “free … Continue reading

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Shrinking Districts’ Waistlines with Energy Efficient IT

The holidays are upon us, which means that most of us take a couple months, loosen our belts and celebrate.  K-12 districts, however, don’t have that luxury right now, and continue to tighten their belts, which makes providing their students … Continue reading

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Can We Afford to Wait Another 15 Years?

CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis How educators can avert déjà vu by waking up to today’s social media reality. Fifteen years ago, I began teaching in a state-of-the-art school. Back then, it was a $40 million, first-of-its-kind elementary and … Continue reading

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What Education Can Learn From Rocker Eddie Van Halen

TALK OF TOMORROW | by Ted Fujimoto Back in the day, Van Halen’s concerts were over-the-top productions. While most concerts pulled up in several semi trucks loaded with equipment, Van Halen rolled up with nine. His concerts pushed the envelope … Continue reading

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Interview | Scheduling An Interview with Bryan Otis

Bryan Otis is the CEO and co-founder of Intand, a technology communication tools company for schools. Bryan currently lives in Bellevue, Wash., and enjoys cycling, sailing and traveling to various wine regions of the world. Known to ask complete strangers, … Continue reading

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Learning tablets

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