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Cool Tool: ActivBoard 500 Pro

Billed as a ‘Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard with intuitive pen and touch’ — when you use it for yourself or at least see this video—you’ll see why. The pen and touch capability really makes learning with it look like great … Continue reading

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Interview | Jason Ohler, Digital Humanist

Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus, speaker, writer, teacher, researcher and lifelong digital humanist. Well known for his passion, insight and humor, Jason has worked for more than 25 years helping to usher students into the Digital Age. He passionately … Continue reading

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Point, Click, Talk: Unified Communications Adoption Grows in Education

CDW-G just released its third annual 2011 Unified Communications Tracking Poll, which found that the percentage of organizations that have fully implemented unified communications (UC) has at least doubled in the last year, growing from 4 percent to 17 percent … Continue reading

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Interview | Bryce Johnson: Going Digital with Café Scribe

Bryce Johnson is the director of eTextbook Solutions at Follett Digital Resources—and the creator of Café Scribe. Here, he offers an overview into Café Scribe and what he’s seeing in the electronic textbook market. Café Scribe is part of Follett … Continue reading

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Interview | Andrew Grauer Presents Course Hero

While a student at Cornell, Andrew Grauer attended lectures from some of the top professors in country. Throughout his four years, Andrew realized that while they certainly made their subjects come alive, a key component of his college education happened … Continue reading

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Interview | Kathy Schrock’s Guidance for Educators

Kathy Schrock is one of the most well-known names in education and technology. She’s been teaching, writing, blogging, speaking, presenting, connecting, de-jargonizing, helping, instructing, informing, guiding, and (more recently) tweeting in the area since before most schools were even connected … Continue reading

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Trends: Lifelong Kindergarten

Here’s an interesting discussion from two leading minds in education and technology — the MIT media lab’s Nicholas Negroponte and Mitch Resnick — discussing Resnick’s concept of Lifelong Kindergarten. It actually begins at 1:19. The MIT media lab has long … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: CourseHero

Students can access excellent learning materials (more than 6,500,000 student-uploaded documents from over 5,000 universities worldwide all searchable by school, department, course or professor); they can access tutors (think: night before a calculus exam – what do you do?); they … Continue reading

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Report: Growth in Educator Email Use on Mobile Devices

K-12 teachers seem to be tapping in on handhelds to view their school-based email, according to Email Trends in the Education Market 2011. The fifth annual MDR study of how educators and marketers are using email these days provides insight into educators’ … Continue reading

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Trends: Scaling Postsecondary Tech Success

Here’s a bit of good news on the innovation in education front: Today, Next Generation Learning Challenges announced grants to help and expand innovative technology-enabled approaches that improve U.S. college completion rates. Of 600+ applicants, 29 organizations get $10.6 million (individual grants range … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: Illustrative Storytelling

Chalk one up for—er, well—squeak one up on a whiteboard—for visual learning. I mean, we all have eyes and of course learn by looking through them. In that way, we’re all visual learners. But you may have your preferences, and … Continue reading

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Virtual Social Network, Real Social Change

TakingITGlobal | by Jennifer Corriero “Ten years ago TakingITGlobal led a movement as a social network for social change. Today, through programs like Sprout, TakingITGlobal is cultivating a new generation of changemaker as a catalyst for social innovation.”—Kristle Calisto-Tavares, Sprout … Continue reading

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Funding Technology in the 21st Century

CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis Okay, so let’s face it. The current formula for funding technology in education just does not work. Daily, we talk about the need to get technology in the hands of every child. With new and … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: EchoSystem 4.0

It’s not a cloning device, but Echo360’s latest product line of lecture capture solutions is pretty close. The system dynamically records lectures, synchronizes multimedia presentations and offers a full suite of student collaboration features for on-demand playback of in-classroom material, on … Continue reading

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Learning in Year 2111

TALK OF TOMORROW | by Ted Fujimoto Imagine how kids might be learning 100 years from now. This exercise is not easy. To put this in perspective, 40 years ago, consumers didn’t have cell phones, smart phones, personal computers, internet, … Continue reading

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Cool Tool: eBeam Engage

A teacher runs over to his computer, runs back to the electronic whiteboard, then picks up a peripheral device. He’s like a bad magician as his patient students begin to take pity on him. Then there’s the eBeam Engage. This … Continue reading

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Interview | Take a Quizlet with Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland was a sophomore at Albany High School in California when he founded Quizlet in 2005. He was 15 years old. For the first 420 days of Quizlet’s existence, Andrew took it upon himself to do all the designing, … Continue reading

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