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Interview | John Fallon: A Comprehensive View of Vantage Learning

Peter Murphy was on the sidelines of a soccer game watching his boys play. Parents had been complaining about standardized testing and waiting for scores. He began to think about the problem of delivering writing assessments to kids and then … Continue reading

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Trends | From Tactic to Strategy: Cloud Computing in K-12 Districts

The cloud computing hype is hard to avoid, and a new report from CDW-G finds that K-12 school districts are not plunging headlong into the cloud just yet, instead they assessing the cloud computing opportunity carefully. The Cloud Computing Tracking … Continue reading

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Interview | Andrew Cohen: Managing Your Entire Brainscape

French words. That’s why Andrew Cohen created Brainscape; to help him study his new French words, phrases, and verb conjugations while teaching himself French in Martinique. “It started as just a system of phrase lists in Excel, and it ended … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Brainscape Smart Flashcard Learning Platform

Here’s a cool tool that will help you become a better learner in less than half the time! Brainscape is a smart flashcard learning platform available on the web as well as in nearly 30 apps on iTunes. Similar to … Continue reading

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Interview | Ruth Ziolkowski: Assistive Technology in Schools—How Far Have We Come?

Ruth Ziolkowski is the president of Don Johnston Incorporated. “We help students with disabilities demonstrate their true learning potential with technology,” says Ruth about her company’s mission. There are students in every school who have physical, cognitive and learning disabilities who … Continue reading

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Interview | Find Nic Borg on Edmodo

As co-founder of Edmodo, Nic Borg provides teachers and students a secure social network for classroom use. That’s no small feat, and if it sounds a bit like Facebook for education, Edmodo numbers would surely echo that fact. At two … Continue reading

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Trends: Horizon Report 2011

The annual Horizon Report identifies and describes emerging technology considerably impacting these areas: teaching, learning and creative expression. For the second straight year, their K-12 Edition of the report identified cloud computing as a technology to watch. It’s an interesting … Continue reading

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Interview | Rudy Azcuy: What You Can Do with Ci2

After working in the field of education for over twenty years there was always one question that persisted to elude Rudy Azcuy: Why is professional development not meeting the needs of teachers more effectively? Being logical and wanting to do … Continue reading

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Interview | Shilpi Niyogi Assesses Education

As part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, the Assessment & Information group remains committed to improving the lives of people by championing innovation that embraces higher standards, teacher effectiveness, college and career readiness, school improvement, and applications for … Continue reading

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Interview | Melissa Pickering says, ‘iCreate to Educate’

In June 2010, Melissa Pickering launched iCreate to Educate, a learning company providing technological tools, with a strong belief that more hands-on, project-based tools and activities should be a part of the K-12 classroom experience. As a former mechanical engineer … Continue reading

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Assessment Tools Needed in Every Classroom

CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis I wonder what the classroom of tomorrow would look like if budget were not an issue, if teachers had more say—and if tools and training were provided at an equal rate. Here’s my view: … Continue reading

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Getting to the Technology Bells and Whistles

HIGHER EDTECH | By Julie Smith The college experience has moved from static, one-dimensional learning to dynamic, collaborative and real-time learning.  Though many factors contribute to this shift, we know that technology is playing an integral role in the transformation.  … Continue reading

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Interview | Elizabeth Schmidt: A Wishbone Takes Two

Wishbone was born in Elizabeth Schmidt’s 10th-grade classroom at Locke High School in South Central, Los Angeles. Beth was a new teacher with Teach for America attempting to find a way for her students to complete a research paper. “I … Continue reading

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How to Flip Learning

Chris and Laurie Spielvogel are both tenured university professors and thought leaders in education and technology. They’ve been in the classroom for 12 years and, as Chris puts it, “We have the experience to see the problems in the classroom … Continue reading

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The New 3 E’s of Education

Enabled, engaged and empowered. If you’re new to Speak Up surveys, just know that this is the biggie: The Speak Up National Research Project each year polls K-12 students, parents and educators on the role of technology for learning in and out … Continue reading

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Interview | Sarah White: Six Red Marbles Rolling Forward

Sarah White started working in education technology back in the 1980’s—at a time when “multi media” was a term many didn’t know, and very few teachers and schools had any understanding of the benefits of delivering learning through technology. Sarah … Continue reading

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Cool Tools: Mizuni Dashboard Suite

Here’s a cool tool on the district level: Mizuni Data Warehouse. You don’t have to fully understand it to benefit, but you should know that it works with disparate district applications to deliver assessment analytics, at-a-glance viewers, dynamic pages, a … Continue reading

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Interview | Roy Nieto Puts Students in the Game with SureScore

SureScore was created in 1995 to serve students who could not afford expensive test preparation companies. The goal was to bring equity and access to college admissions. “We were puzzled why students in South Texas, who were valedictorians and salutatorians … Continue reading

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Trends | Education Strategy, Global Take

A model is only as good as the people implementing it. Here’s an interesting one I found with some talented people behind it. The Promethean Education Strategy team uses this one in their quest to better teaching on a global … Continue reading

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Interview | Naomi Menikoff: Measuring Up with TestWiz

When Naomi Menikoff started dataMetrics Software in 1994, student assessment was not as critical an issue as it has become these days. Back then, many districts administered standardized, national tests. “The assessments took valuable time out of instruction, results did … Continue reading

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Educating the Mobile Generation

What a delightful short video following two of the most prominent pioneers in mobile technology integration into education, Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris, in their quest to ensure America’s youth are actually getting it—learning with a boost from technology, that … Continue reading

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