Millions of educators and students have used it for more than a decade, now it’s been upgraded. Sure, it looks better — its new facelift makes it very easy on the eyes, but it’s got some brains behind the beauty: netTrekker search’s new interface provides access to more than 330,000 relevant digital resources aligned with state and Common Core standards. To address the variety of student needs in the classroom, this academically-oriented search engine enables teachers to quickly differentiate search results and identify the best resources to reach every student, providing teachers with the ability to:

__Easily sort and refine search results by academic or reading level, subject, language and recommendations.

__Conveniently access teacher-specific content, including standards, lesson plans and instructional resources.

__Save, organize and share digital resources.

For students, netTrekker Search now better supports independent learning and:

__Enables students to instantly find the resources and safe, school-friendly images they need for homework and projects.

__Increases understanding with text-to-speech support, embedded dictionary, and English language learner support.

__Extends learning with 24/7, safe, web-based access from school and home.

All current customers now have access to this new version. For further info, connect with Knovation at 1-855-566-8283 or visit