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What Makes EdTech Leaders Great?

Looking for edtech leadership? Look no further than these words of wisdom   CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis Education technology leaders these days are in high demand. If you are looking for great edtech leaders, it helps to know … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | SlateMath for Kids

Last week New York-based edtech company Slate Science launched its new STEM educational app called SlateMath K-1 to address a global frustration with math learning. The intuitive app takes children on a journey of playful explorations that guide them through the … Continue reading

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Trends | Internet Essentials

As you may know, there have been a number of articles in the media recently about in-home Internet and its important role in education. Pew just released a survey about how teachers use technology, and the digital divide was very … Continue reading

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Trends | 10 Key Findings of CoSN’s K-12 IT Leadership Survey 2013

The Consortium for School Networking in partnership with MCH Strategic Data has released its first annual IT Leadership survey. Providing valuable information about how education leaders are leveraging technology, one can see potential changes, trends, challenges and priorities. From IT … Continue reading

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A Little Edgenuity

An innovative, student-centered approach to instruction goes a long way  INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero They’ve built tremendous credibility with their school partners under the E2020 brand, but they’ve also evolved a great deal from their start as a company … Continue reading

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Trends | Infographic: Student Bill of Rights


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Trends | State of the Cloud, Higher Education

Over 1,200 IT professionals across eight industries including higher education had a look at what was driving their shift to the cloud, which apps they saw as first-movers, and benefits of it all. According to CDW-G’s State of the Cloud report: 63% … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | for Classrooms

I would love them just the way they are, but these guys are constantly improving, so my affinity has only grown for — and now they’ve gone and introduced for Classrooms, so if you’re in charge of a … Continue reading

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Dig This!

Bringing a little mystery, adventure and fun into the learning experience INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero A trained archaeologist and former middle school teacher, Suzi Wilczynski conceptualized from her own personal experiences something she knew kids everywhere would love. “Archaeology … Continue reading

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Online Learning, Better

Five instructional design principles for a more engaging and productive online experience GUEST COLUMN | by John Boersma To say that online learning has opened up higher education opportunities for students is an understatement. That said, most online courses don’t … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

Using a video contest to teach, while doing good GUEST COLUMN | by Lynette Owens The Internet is so deeply woven into our lives, for both work and play, and increasingly being utilized to educate our youth. Putting such a … Continue reading

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Opening Up

Keep the learning system sustainable. Create a knowledge marketplace. GUEST COLUMN | by Andrew Grauer The increasing number of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in the education space proves that there is, no doubt, a wealth of great content and … Continue reading

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Cool Tool |

From the founders of, a visual collaboration platform, comes a presentation tool for teachers to present their documents, slides, etc., live to the class synced across iPads, mobile devices and laptops. Students can make their own personal notes … Continue reading

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Trends | Infographic: History of Education

CREDIT: Boundless

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