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Put a Badge On It

Opportunities for connected learning through a newly emerging ecosystem. GUEST COLUMN | by Deborah Everhart In the past year, we’ve seen a flurry of highly publicized new phenomena in education. Convergences of transformative forces are driving new approaches to flexible, … Continue reading

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Best Without Worst

Increased Internet access creates technology and policy challenges. GUEST COLUMN | by Charles Sweeney President Obama’s recent signing of a long-awaited bill opening Internet access for more school children is a welcomed and positive step: It increases access to the … Continue reading

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Bringing Up the Bandwidth

ConnectED initiative aims high, but there’s more to consider. GUEST COLUMN | by John Harrington President Obama has called for high speed digital connections to our schools and libraries, “ensuring that 99 percent of American students can benefit” from advances … Continue reading

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Two Areas Where Innovations Are Not Happening

Empowering families, parents and caregivers in early childhood education. GUEST COLUMN | by Chris Drew Saul Khan is flipping classrooms. Coursera and other MOOCs are opening access to elite universities in unprecedented ways. School choice and the chartered school movement … Continue reading

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Trends | Student Cellphone Learning

Here’s a great graphic with data from Pew Research Center on a relevant topic these days. Because nearly everyone has a smartphone, bringing technology into the classroom is already a fait accompli — recognizing that fact and turning it into … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | SparkFun

Let’s hear it for STEM (and this take-charge electronics Viking, pictured). The  latest from a company full of cool tools comes with their SparkFun ProtoSnap line, a new family of products designed to lower the barrier of entry into DIY … Continue reading

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Teachers with Apps

Two educators pair up to create an unbiased educational app finder. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero “We were inspired to create Teachers With Apps after we developed a couple of educational apps ourselves and saw the so-called educational apps being … Continue reading

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Rethink Remake

Six factors driving today’s digital transition. GUEST COLUMN | by Scott Kinney Over the last decade, a convergence of economic, political, social and technological forces have spurred educators, parents, students, policymakers, academics and other stakeholders to rethink and, in many … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Loogla

Cross your fingers. A finalist out of more than 230 teams competing to receive $100,000 in a Nevada Governor’s Office entrepreneur competition, Loogla is a unique web-surfing language learning tutor. You learn a language best when you care about what … Continue reading

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Trends | EdTech’s 10 Most Active Acquirers

Here’s a closer look at that $1.1B Ed Tech venture capital financing in 2012, data courtesy of CB Insights, an information services firm tracking investment in technology companies. The list includes larger education companies, both private and public, that have been most active … Continue reading

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The New College Search Reality

Three strategies for social media success.  GUEST COLUMN | by Gil Rogers Social media is changing the college applications and enrollment process. In a recent survey of more than 4,000 college-bound students, Zinch (a Chegg service) and Inigral found that … Continue reading

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Getting Magoosh

A Khan Academy-style test prep company with an adaptive learning platform. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero  Bhavin Parikh founded Magoosh while at Haas Business School, along with a few classmates and friends. They were frustrated with the existing prep options … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Schoolfy

Schools worldwide have a common obstacle: outdated technology. Oscar Civantos had this realization a while back when working internationally as a data security consultant. Privacy protections were weak and communications methods were stuck in the 1990s. Besides that, teachers were spending … Continue reading

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When a Bake Sale Isn’t Enough

In-depth with the founders of a ‘Kickstarter for education’. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero A “fairy godmother for education,” is how Jaime Wood describes IncitED, the company she co-founded. “It’s the magic touch that makes big dreams or even little … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Junyo’s EdLights

Successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Schoettler (Zynga co-founder) is building another data analytics solution, except this time it isn’t about virtual tractors. Schoettler has decided to focus his talent and attention on building a data-driven solution for education publishers and … Continue reading

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The Digitalisation of Education

A peek into the investment required for Europe’s e-learning ecosystem. GUEST COLUMN | by Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet There is a paradigm shift underway in the education industry as traditional methods of teaching are being challenged by a new breed of edtech … Continue reading

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