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Music and its positive impact on learning is far from a new concept. However, Kindermusik International wanted more concrete data. They enlisted an independent research firm, SEG Measurement, to conduct a national survey of nearly 300 preschool children, to test the ability of their ABC Music & Me curriculum to affect students’ literacy development. During the study, students in both the treatment and control groups were tested with the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) Pre-K Assessment at both the beginning and end of the school year. Results indicated that students in the treatment group showed a 32 percent higher gain in PALS scores over the control group, indicating greater gains in student’s literacy as a result of the curriculum. ABC Music & Me is an early childhood literacy and language curriculum that uses music and movement to engage young children, while teaching a variety of skills critical to later school success. With ABC Music & Me, age-appropriate activities are designed to develop and strengthen each student’s early literacy skills, fine/gross motor skills, and social-emotional skills through theme-related songs, poems, stories, dancing, and instrument play. A vital and effective learning component of the program is monthly home learning materials intentionally designed to encourage parental involvement. Visit to learn more.

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