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CREDIT BrainzyToday, kids can finally play, have fun, and really learn with a new online learning system – and new friends like Officer Ice Cream and Penelope Pegacorn. has announced Brainzy, a first-of-its-kind learning program now available with over 300 fun games, videos, and stories that teach reading and math skills for kids 3-7. In June 2014, education apps were the second-most popular category of apps downloaded in the iTunes store, as parents looked for supplemental educational activities and games. And they have plenty to choose from – over 100,000 apps are labeled as “educational.” In a cluttered marketplace of one-off educational apps and programs, Brainzy stands apart in following a child’s development, building on previous skills and masteries. With over 300 games and activities, Brainzy will keep kids busy far longer than snack time.

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