CREDIT IXLIXL is an educational technology that delivers an immersive learning experience for students across all grades. With 1 in 10 students using it in the U.S., and over 18 billion questions asked and answered around the world, this company is helping schools successfully use technology to improve education. Their team of PhDs, teachers, and technologists crafts unique high-quality content and uses strategically mapped progressions to provide depth, breadth, and challenge for each skill. Their content and technology enable fresh and engaging experiences that spark curiosity and build confidence among middle and high school students. Their iPad app lets students take their learning on the go and practice and excel wherever they are: school, home, or on the road. With 3.1MM downloads, their iPad app is tailor-made for the mobile experience with visuals and functionality designed for the touchscreen to make it engaging and fun for even the most media savvy student, and they also have a new iOS app. With over 4500 skills, it’s one of the most comprehensive classroom products that adapts to individual levels for a personalized and diverse learning experience. Learn more.