CREDIT Blackboard Future Forward next 20 higher ed.pngAs one of edtech’s oldest companies turns 20, how are they celebrating? Looking ahead to the next 20 years, naturally. “Future Forward: The Next Twenty Years of Higher Education” asks U.S. higher education leaders to share their insights into what the higher education institution of the future will look like; how other industries will influence higher education; how technology will enable change in the way learning is delivered and assessed; and a variety of other themes.

The following emerged from the interviews and are detailed in the paper: the current higher education system is unsustainable and ill-suited for a globally connected world that is constantly changing; colleges and universities will have to change their current business model to continue to thrive, boost revenue and drive enrollment; as well as:

  • New technologies will allow faculty to shift their focus to the application of learning rather than the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Data and the ability to transform that data into action will be the new lifeblood of the institution.
  • The heart and soul of any institution are its people. Adopting new technologies is only a small piece of the puzzle; institutions must also work with faculty and staff to change institutional culture

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