A hand-picked collection of thoughtful perspectives on education to come.

Learning in Year 2111

TALK OF TOMORROW | by Ted Fujimoto

future.jpgProjecting what learning could look like 100 years from now will, in hindsight, probably be ridiculous—like flying cars that we were supposed to have in 2000—but it’s worth the exercise to stretch the imagination and dream! Here are some possibilities. Read more.




Future-Proofing Our Students

An advisor to some of the world’s leading companies talks edtech, students, learning.

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero

CREDIT Steve Cadigan.pngIn this exclusive, Steve Cadigan talks about lessons from LinkedIn, edtech, advice for edtech startups, his perspective on the state of education—and what lies ahead. Read more.



Learning for the Future

Why corporate training can’t lose the human touch.

GUEST COLUMN | by Bernd Welz

credit-sap-se.jpgTechnology has impacted nearly every aspect of modern life. Continued investments in the Internet of Things, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence prove that humans are counting on technology to solve minuscule and massive problems and, generally, improve quality of life across the board. And it has. But is relying solely on technology the best way for employers to prepare their employees for the workplace of the future? Read more

The Future of Learning is in Reach

Analytics can help you shop, watch and eat smarter – but what will it do for education?

GUEST COLUMN | by John Baker

credit-d2l-analytics-arrows.pngAnalytics are helping educators personalize learning experiences for individual learners in a way that we have never seen before, giving instructors an objective, data-driven view of student success. Read more.



Building Schools around Technology

A tech coordinator’s perspective on disruption, re-design, and technology’s role in education.

GUEST COLUMN | by Paul Hieronymus

CREDIT Lakewood City Schools Ohio.pngThe modern classroom has undergone dramatic changes over the past few years. Technology has disrupted our notions of how we design our schools and best deliver our curriculum to our students. As the Coordinator of Technology and Communication at the Lakewood City Schools in Ohio, I experienced my school district respond to these changes firsthand. One of the major focuses of this $100 million remodel was the role that technology would play in our classrooms. Read more.


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