State of EdTech 2017-2018

Where we are—and where we’re headed.

The much-anticipated inaugural issue of this 75-page report from the editors of EdTech Digest includes:

  • The EdTech1000: Companies Transforming Education
  • Top 100 Influencers in EdTech
  • Dozens of leaders weighing in on the future of education
  • 10 Companies to Watch
  • 8 EdTech Trends you need to know
  • 3 Major EdTech Status Markers & Their Data Points
  • Upcoming: The EdTech Awards (March 2018)

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Note: This report will have traveled to you at light speeds. However, it’s been a long journey, so please allow for decompression times. Upon opening, overexposure to extreme brilliance of passengers within is highly encouraged.