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Editor in Chief | Victor Rivero Contributing Editors | Mark Gura, Judy Faust Hartnett, Susan Dias Karnovsky, and Mark Weston Advisory Board | Keith Krueger, Mark Weston, Greg Limperis, Mark Gura, Eliot Levinson, Ted Fujimoto, Mitch Weisburgh, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Contributors | Mark Weston, Greg … Continue reading

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Media Kit

The mission of EdTech Digest is to tell the story of 21st-century education transformation. By sharing cool tools, fascinating interviews, relevant trends and voices from the field, we hope to inspire learners and leaders everywhere, to get workable technology solutions … Continue reading

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Quest to Connect

Networking isn’t as easy as it sounds — is Collegefeed a solution? INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Sanjeev Agrawal graduated from MIT 20 years ago at the top of his Electrical Engineering and Computer Science class. “As I look back,” … Continue reading

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Trends | SIIA Mobile Study Data

SIIA Education Division just released an interesting study on educators’ mobile challenges and opportunities – indicating opportunities for growth in the use of mobile technology in schools. While results were gathered from interviews with only nine educators, they demonstrate the successes … Continue reading

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Know Before You Go

What to consider when selecting assessment technology. GUEST COLUMN | by Patrick Owen Chadd Curriculum, instruction and assessment are all important elements in education. Lately, there has been a huge emphasis on assessment, and with good reason. Creating appropriate and … Continue reading

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Twitter Hire

My social media marketing experiment and what it means for education. CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis A few months, ago I was trolling Twitter like I used to do only occasionally. You see, there was talk in February in … Continue reading

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Managing That Data

Emerging trends in education data management.  INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Education data management is becoming an increasingly essential part of school administration. Over the past few years, one such company helping administrators in this area, Skyward, has seen some … Continue reading

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Easy as eChalk

Helping teachers focus on what’s really important. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero The idea came to Daniel Watts when he was teaching: his frustration around sharing materials with students and communicating with parents had hit a tipping point. “I remember … Continue reading

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Education in the Cloud

A panel of the nation’s top technologists discusses new technologies changing higher education. INTERVIEWS | by Victor Rivero CIOs from Cornell and Notre Dame, and the Director of Infrastructure Services at the University of Michigan, as well as Internet2’s Senior Vice … Continue reading

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Sifting Thoughts

Big Data and EdTech: a symbiotic relationship? GUEST COLUMN | by Kreigh Knerr As someone who spends the bulk of his time analyzing standardized tests and standardized test performance, you might imagine that Big Data promises to be my biggest … Continue reading

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Meaningful Work

A 21st-century career preparation firm delivers an old and tested model in a new way INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Adrien Fraise wanted to build a “better fusion between academics and career education to help students maximize their generalist education … Continue reading

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Hashtag Journalists

L-R: Lynn University students Ricky Freebery, Tamara Reyes, A.J. Mercincavage, Sophia Barrett and Patricia Lammle have been covering higher education issues at the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. (Photo courtesy Andrew Vermes/Lynn University) Live from the convention, a college … Continue reading

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Contributing Editors

Mark Gura. Mark taught at New York City public schools in East Harlem for two decades. He spent five years as a curriculum developer for the central office and was eventually tapped to be the New York City Department of Education’s … Continue reading


Interview | Judi Coffey: Rainbow and the InvestiGator Club

Judi Coffey began her educational publishing career as a freelance writer in 1978, and by 1985, her clients and business had grown so much that Judi and her husband, James, founded Rainbow Educational Concepts as a full-service development house. Splashed … Continue reading

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Trends | Summary of Education Sectors

From GSV Advisors comes an interesting breakdown of education sectors by market size, growth rate and projected market size. Included are e-learning, edu-gaming, social/learning communities, test prep, language and others ranging from early education and K-12 through to post secondary, … Continue reading

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Interview | Goodbye Gutenberg Galaxy, Hello iversity

Very little change has occurred in the university over the past several centuries and, in too many classrooms across the world, the laws of Gutenberg’s Galaxy still prevail. “Faculty and students at universities around the globe suffer from inadequate digital infrastructures,” … Continue reading

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TechTonic Forces for Change Reshape Learning Landscapes

PRAGMATIC VISIONS | By Ferdi Serim [Editor’s note: This is the second in a new column series from the pragmatic visionaries at the Thornburg Center for Professional Development] Leaders beware of that seemingly solid ground beneath your feet. While tectonic … Continue reading

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Trends | Solutions in Action Video Series

Here’s a great way to get an in-depth video look at what some of the leaders and thinkers in edtech have on their minds. Together, Blackboard and NBC Learn have teamed up to provide Solutions in Action – an inspiring series of video … Continue reading

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How Technology Can Transform Classrooms

EDTECH CHALLENGE | by Jesse M. Langley Getting technology integrated into classrooms is an extremely important move toward giving students the tools they need to succeed. But just getting new technologies into old classrooms isn’t enough. Reaching the true potential … Continue reading

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Interview | David Butler: The Future of Music Education

Nothing less than a revolution in how music education takes place. That’s what former AOL exec David Butler has developed and is bringing into widespread usage. Sure, teaching via video has been around since at least the 1980s, distance learning … Continue reading

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Professor Disrupting Lecture Hall with Best Use of Skype Ever

GUEST COLUMN | by Jessy Irwin Through a YouTube request, professor John Boyer lands skype interview with Aung Sun Suu Kyi For the third time in a row, Virginia Tech professor John Boyer has managed to turn a YouTube video … Continue reading

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Trends | Infographic: Students Love Technology

Alright, here’s one more infographic to stir some thought. We won’t overdo it, we have a lot of great interviews coming up, more cool tools and other trends to share—but this one has a great back-to-school feel and some lessons … Continue reading

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EdTech Digest Five-Star Reading List

The editors and advisors of EdTech Digest are developing a recurring “EdTech Digest Five-Star Reading List” featuring particularly helpful books, blogs, articles, interviews, videos, and other content from EdTech Digest and elsewhere. Content that is edtech-relevant, aligns with our mission and is of interest, should … Continue reading

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Interview | Rafi Holtzman: Giving Education A Stronger Reach

In 1995, while working at Electronics for Imaging (EFI), a company specializing in digital print controller technology, Rafi Holtzman noticed that his team had difficulty interacting with their engineering counterparts abroad when discussing product changes and developments. “Unfortunately,” says Rafi, … Continue reading

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Interview | Marcus Kingsley: Classroom Management Made Easy

Back in the early 1990s, NetSupport Manager had already made their name in the PC Remote Control market. During the middle of the 90s, the company started to see a new trend within the education space—larger classrooms with a growing … Continue reading

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