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Teaching the Untaught

A new approach to preparing future software engineers for the global market—before it’s too late. GUEST COLUMN | by John Columbus In the “early days” of software engineering things were simpler. It was all about learning the few available programming … Continue reading

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The Vital Importance of Connecting College Students with Industry Experience

Re-examining current education models with ‘competent producers’ in mind.  GUEST COLUMN | by Randy Swearer Colleges and universities are a stepping stone between childhood and adulthood, a launch pad into professionalism and an educational haven for acquiring the necessary skills … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Mrs Wordsmith

Applying machine learning and Hollywood visuals to make the dictionary more relevant, useful and fun – and to help improve literacy in young people—this is what Mrs. Wordsmith, a venture-backed edtech startup, is all about. They hope to create the … Continue reading

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System Change

The three edtech trends supporting transformative learning. GUEST COLUMN | by Jon Phillips With another school year in our midst, teachers and administrators have high expectations for the role of new technology in their classrooms. At the same time, there … Continue reading

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Software Engineering Landscape 2016

A founder takes a wide view mentoring diverse developers around the world. GUEST COLUMN | by Weiting Liu The software engineering industry has been booming, with a growing number of jobs available each year. Software, game, app, web developers and … Continue reading

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Changing World

Tech in the classroom: preparing our students for tomorrow. GUEST COLUMN | by Kevin Wrenn We’ve all heard it a million times in recent years, but it bears repeating: the world is changing and so are the skills young people … Continue reading

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The Pittsburgh Model

‘Steel City’ innovation blazes trail for 21st century American learning. GUEST COLUMN | by Cathy Lewis Long From steel to steak sauce and Mr. Rogers to Andy Warhol, Pittsburgh has a long and storied reputation as a foundry of American … Continue reading

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Preparing for Preparedness

Life after high school in the 21st century.   GUEST COLUMN | by Rory Gesch There’s little argument that U.S. schools need to better prepare students for life after high school. Policymakers, educators, and businesspeople all agree on the critical … Continue reading

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Next Step for Kids’ Apps: Developing New Literacies

GUEST COLUMN | by Bjorn Jeffery Apps for kids are becoming increasingly popular in education. While this is a very positive development, the kids’ app community needs to think broader about what kind of skills and traits we should be … Continue reading

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Living in a Digital World We Don’t Understand

Teaching 21st-century skills for 21st-century jobs GUEST COLUMN | by Cat McManus The term “21st century skills” gets thrown around a lot in educational circles. Some use this term to mean “computer literacy.” Others expand the concept to include a “range … Continue reading

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Online Resources for Great Writing

GUEST COLUMN | by Phillip Garsia Writing requires a variety of resources to be considered successful. Modern Internet technology has numerous dependable tools you can use to write better. Whether you’re a student, wishing you could write better papers and … Continue reading

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TechTonic Forces for Change Reshape Learning Landscapes

PRAGMATIC VISIONS | By Ferdi Serim [Editor’s note: This is the second in a new column series from the pragmatic visionaries at the Thornburg Center for Professional Development] Leaders beware of that seemingly solid ground beneath your feet. While tectonic … Continue reading

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Interview | Partnering Up for 21st-Century Skills

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, or P21, recently partnered with Wireless Generation. P21 has worked hard to build a broad coalition of education, business and nonprofit organizations and foundations all focused on 21st-century readiness for every student. “Every new … Continue reading

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In Google We Trust

GUEST COLUMN | by Angela Maiers Without a doubt, my 14-year-old daughter can text paragraphs faster and more accurate than I can text one sentence. My 15-year-old son is my go-to person for all my TV, computer, and technology needs. … Continue reading

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