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Cool Tool | Square Panda

This phonics playset for the iPad combines early reading skills and multisensory play to truly unlock learning. The playset includes 45 smart letter toys that interact with learning games—Android coming soon! Square Panda is unique because it is the only comprehensive … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Touchtronic Letters

Touchtronic Letters are a new innovation from Junior Learning. Possibly the world’s first tangible alphabet to work on an iPad, Touchtronic Letters combine the physical and digital worlds of learning. This cool tool includes 26 letters color-coded with consonants in … Continue reading

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New Tools for New Learners

The power of media to improve learning outcomes for all children. GUEST COLUMN | by Lesli Rotenberg and Debra Tica Sanchez To ensure children develop the skills that are fundamental to academic and professional achievement, we need to reach them … Continue reading

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Interview | The Smart Thing About Pocket Literacy Coach

It pays to have super smart sisters and a good idea. Chris Drew has both. Chris has taught English reading and writing skills at universities and colleges across the country. He has published and lectured about his research on pedagogy … Continue reading

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