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The Problem with College Admissions These Days

And the solution from an unlikely group of heroes leveling the playing field. INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero College admissions is not fair. That is the fundamental premise upon which this company rests, and is what keeps CollegeVine CEO Jon Carson … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | CollegeVine Mentorship Program

Fact: The average public high schooler will share a single guidance counselor with 471 other students (in stark contrast to the extensive, personalized attention given their private school peers). Recognizing this, CollegeVine, formerly Admissions Hero, has unveiled a new tool designed … Continue reading

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Interview | J.T. Allen Walks Students Forward with myFootpath

J.T. Allen started myFootpath in 2000 with his mother, a longtime guidance counselor. Initially, they created the company to try and make the “going to college” process easier for students and families. “As anyone that’s been through this process can … Continue reading

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