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Five Trends for Successful EdTech Deployments in 2018

In the coming year, a shortlist of what’s likely to impact the field.  GUEST COLUMN | by Charles Duarte While students are looking forward to an extended holiday break, chances are administrators are knee deep in budgeting and planning for … Continue reading

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Myths Revealed: Apple Devices in the Classroom

Modernizing, personalizing—and a closer look at technology helping to make it happen. GUEST COLUMN | by Sam Weiss and Dave Saltmarsh  As schools look to modernize teaching and personalize learning, it isn’t a matter of if technology is right for … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | VINCI Tablet

Imagine if kids poured their passion and time into the play that taught them math, science, grammar — concepts which they barely noticed, because they were so fun. That’s the logic behind VINCI’s blended learning solution for schools featuring their … Continue reading

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You’re Never Too Old to Begin Flipping Your Classroom

GUEST COLUMN | by Wendy Roshan Before the era of smart phones, computers and digital blackboards, there was a time when teachers stood at the front of a classroom and lectured while students wrote notes with pencils. When the bell … Continue reading

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