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Cool Tool | Herokins

Herokins celebrate the adventure of learning by bringing traditional storytelling to life and strengthening family bonds. This new children’s education line is composed of a Bluetooth-enabled wearable action figure and mobile app that harness the power of intrinsic motivation and … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping

Digitization trends and the role of mind mapping in higher education. GUEST COLUMN | by Olin Reams Higher education continues to evolve hand in hand with technology, and part of that recent evolution involves digitalization. Just as finance and healthcare … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Livescribe Smartpen

It’s true: professors talk fast and students zone out. With this cool tool, students can record everything they hear so they never miss a word. Well, they can still miss a lot of words, but the pressure’s off when this … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Mentor Mob is a VIP version of the Internet

More and more people consume information and learn online. Problem is, a Google search returns millions of disorganized results leaving it up ot the user to sift through the chaos. MentorMob helps solve this by allowing anyone to create a … Continue reading

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Interview | Greg Long: Opening up DreamBox

DreamBox Learning was created as an extendable  platform to “radically transform the way the world learns.” But more importantly, the technology was created to help children learn more effectively.  The inspiration was teachers. “We set out to mimic what the … Continue reading

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