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Cool Tool | ReadWorks

The non-profit ReadWorks is committed to solving our nation’s reading comprehension challenges by providing educators with the research-based curriculum and guidance they need to improve their effectiveness and their students’ achievement. They provide a pedagogically consistent product of comprehension units, articles, and question sets … Continue reading

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Globalized Classrooms

Shifting demographics make language and literacy technology tools imperative. GUEST COLUMN | by Nick Gaehde Educational technology has transformed today’s schools and plays a critical role in classroom instruction, but to fully grasp the extent to which the industry has … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | You’re Gonna Love Boomwriter

This literacy website (free for teachers) allows  students to collaborate with classmates to create and publish stories in a competitive environment. Kids read, write, compete and get published. A highly engaging instructional tool, it’s applicable across many curriculum areas and in a … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | Pocket Literacy Coach

Scan these over: Fewer than 33 percent of America’s parents read to their nine-month-old children. Fewer than 39 percent read to their four-year-old children. Fewer than 28 percent remember to tell their child a story on a regular basis. Those statistics … Continue reading

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