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Interview | Dan Levin Has Answers in His Problem-Attic

Teachers were working way too hard on some things that modern technology could make so much easier, says to Dan Levin. “Precisely, there are a lot of questions available on the Internet, but they tend to be in the form … Continue reading

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Lighting a Fire!

LIGHTING A FIRE | by Mark Gura My favorite education quote? Hands down, it’s “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” This one is often attributed to William Butler Yeats, the famous Irish … Continue reading

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Interview | Shawn Bay Knows Education Data

After his own experience in working with large quantities of data in the private sector, Shawn Bay recognized the amount of data within education and an opportunity to apply analytics to improve education. That was the genesis for eScholar. Here, … Continue reading

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Interview | Moving From NCLB to No Child Held Back

No Child Held Back is a consortium of parents, teachers, school administrators, learning experts, citizens, business leaders, education publishers, and technology providers who are dedicated to transforming education. Their vision is the creation of an effective, flexible, student-centered education system … Continue reading

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Trends | No Child Held Back

Here’s a fresh take to an old problem: instead of an emphasize on No Child Left Behind, how about No Child Held Back? What if we focused on helping all children reach their maximum potential instead of just reducing failure rates? That’s exactly … Continue reading

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